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Romeo and Juliet
Famous Quotes


Plot Summary
Importance to Society
Famous Quotes
Explanations of well-known quotes
"Whats in a name?
That which we call a rose,
By any other word would smell as sweet." -Juliet
This is saying the no matter what Romeo's name is she'd still love him for who he is.

Shakespeare Facts
  • He had little formal education
  • He died on his birthday
  • He had a wife and kids
  • He built a theatre
  • Actors of this time interacted with the audience
  • Actors received little respect

"But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she. . . .
The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars
As daylight doth a lamp; her eye in heaven
Would through the airy region stream so bright
That birds would sing and think it were not night."
This quote basically says how beautiful Romeo sees Juliet as he says she's the sun, bright and beautiful, and compares her to the moon, sick and pale with grief.